Door Wide Open
By Adam Klasfeld · May 21, 2003
John Ventimiglia and Adira Amramin Door Wide Open(Photo © Tony Torn) Nobody said that dating an artist is easy, and this especially holds true for the lov
Mysterious Skin
By Dan Bacalzo · May 21, 2003
Rich Dymer, Joseph Parks, Rebecca Fisher,and Taylor Valentine in Mysterious Skin (Photo © Lois Tema) Brian Lackey was abducted by
By Brooke Pierce · May 21, 2003
Ned Eisenberg and Elizabeth Marvel in Meshugah(Photo © Bill Strong) In Emily Mann's new play Meshugah, adapted from the Isa
Almost Blue
By Dan Bacalzo · May 21, 2003
Joe Passaro, James Biberi, and Kurt Everhart in Almost Blue (Photo © Brett Singer) Truth is a rare commodity in Keith Reddin's
Rain Dance
By David Finkle · May 21, 2003
Harris Yulin and James Van Der Beek in Rain Dance(Photo © Joan Marcus) There are no end of plays in which audiences wait for a fig
Boobs! The Musical
By Adam Klasfeld · May 20, 2003
Kristy Cates in Boobs! The Musical(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Before Marilyn Monroe declared diamonds to be a girl's best friend, Ruth
Humble Boy
By David Finkle · May 19, 2003
Blair Brown and Jared Harris in Humble Boy(Photo © Joan Marcus) To be or not to be? That is the question Charlotte Jones asks and for which she suggests h
Steve & Eydie: One More for the Road
By Michael Portantiere · May 17, 2003
Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme "Time stands still here," a friend says as we enter the Westbury Music Fair, located at 960 Brush Hollow Road in Westbury, Long Island (e
Writer's Block
By David Finkle · May 15, 2003
The cast of "Old Saybrook"(Photo © Carol Rosegg) As the black show scrim goes up on "Old Saybrook," the better of two middl
American Dreams: Lost and Found
By Philip Hopkins · May 14, 2003
Jessica Bates and Glenn Peters in American Dreams: Lost and Found(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Performances using transcribed interviews with real people as scri