Present Laughter
Victor Garber is ultra-smooth in the Huntington's smashing revival of Noël Coward's classic comedy.
Maud -- The Madness
This solo show based on Lord Tennyson's famed poem is passionately acted, beautifully designed, but not entirely successful.
Singin' in the Rain
This Goodspeed show based on the classic 1952 film suffers from charisma-free leads and a too-loud orchestra.
Carl Djerassi's play pits science against art, but it's the audience that comes out the loser.
Don't Quit Your Night Job
This improvisation-comedy revue is a hit-or-miss affair, but it has enough laughs to please many audience members.
The Irish Repertory Theatre plays this classic British melodrama to the hilt.
Mrs. Packard
Emily Mann's drama about a husband's inhumanity to his wife is powerful and well-acted.
The Color Purple
American Idol champion Fantasia serves up a spectacular portrayal of Celie in the popular Broadway musical.
Passing Strange
This autobiographical portrait of a young musical artist is fine and funky, thanks in part to co-creator Stew and a gifted cast.
No Strings
The Reprise! production of Richard Rodgers' 1962 musical is visually stunning, but leads Scott Bakula and Sophina Brown lack chemistry.