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Seattle Children’s Theatre presents OyamO’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Young, hungry, and on his own, Charles finds himself in a mystical wood with talking plants and animals — the prickly Jeremy Groundhog, Southern belle Ms. Orange Tree, the grounded Mr. Juniper Bush, and more. He is astounded as he catches a glimpse of Marguerite, the queen of the forest, who makes everyday objects sail through the air, work in the garden, and seem to come alive. Charles has never seen a sorcerer before!

Charles eagerly seeks to become her apprentice, but because of his arrogance, disrespect, and gullibility he quickly goes through the three chances Marguerite granted him. After the third incident, the sorcerer’s trust in Charles is gone. In his desperation, Charles turns to Big John King, a flimflam artist, to convince Marguerite to take him back. Now things look bleak for Marguerite, but Charles comes to his mentor’s aid, fending off John’s giant and sinister minions in a spectacular battle. For his loyalty and bravery, Marguerite gives him another chance. Because he has finally learned to listen to others, he is truly ready to be the sorcerer’s apprentice.

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Dates: Opening Night: December 1, 2006 Final Performance: January 27, 2007

Theatermania Review

| | December 5, 2006
This new musical take on the classic fable provides a lot of visual delights for children and adults alike.