About This Show

Goodnight Moon comes to singing, dancing, whimsical life with amazing puppetry and fanciful imagery. It’s time for the little bunny in the great green room to go to sleep. But first, he must say his goodnights. Goodnight to the cow and the bears and the bowl full of mush. Goodnight to the noises and the air and the old lady whispering hush. Goodnight stars, goodnight room, and even goodnight moon. As with any child, the world of this bunny’s imagination is a wondrous place. A place where toys come to life; pictures are filled with real, talking, breathing people; and the little mouse who visits the toy house is one of his best friends. Even though it’s too late to try on the mittens, and it’s too late to play with the kittens, the bunny can’t help himself — he and the giraffe have to have a little talk, and he’s got to make time to cheer the singing clocks. Then, it’s time for bed and it’s time for peace. It’s time for the little bunny to close his eyes and drift off to sleep.

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Dates: Opening Night: January 12, 2007 Final Performance: March 10, 2007