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We Stand Corrected: Dannemora is an alternative narrative to Ben Stiller's Showtime limited series, Escape at Dannemora. The film pulls the curtain back on the intricacies of the prison system, the dynamics between officers and inmates and the aftermath of the largest manhunt in New York state history.

Richie Elson, the film's director, grew up just outside Dannemora and his dad was a Corrections Officer at Clinton for 15 years. Having that part of New York - which is very rural, small and despite housing 3,000 of the state's worst criminals, very quiet - be in the national spotlight was surreal. When he saw how it was affecting his dad and others, who didn't feel like they had the proper platform to tell their side of the story, Richie knew he had to. Because of his ties to the community, we were granted access to officers, law enforcement, and community leaders who refused to address other media.

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