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A live serial space opera from the creators of the Zoom opera ALL DECISIONS WILL BE MADE BY CONSENSUS and the surveillance capitalism experience LOOKING AT YOU. 
The travelers aboard the Grand Crew, a very massive luxury emigrant craft, expected to remain in therapeutic hypothermia until arrival at their new home planet. Unfortunately, the technology has been compromised. Isolated in their pods, the unfrozen migrants find themselves entangled in a shared phantasmagoria that smells like sour gummi worms. Just as each fingerprint is unique, no two people's dream lives can really mesh. But strange things happen in space, and between memory and amnesia lies a potentially fatal mystery.

The team redefines the serial form with weekly 10 minute live revelations over 7 weeks culminating in a 70 minute world premiere increments each Thursday October 29 - December 17, culminating in a full live stream showing on December 17 at 7pm as part of our [email protected] Series. Formally, the seven-episode serial builds on the compositional flexibility, performer autonomy, and unexpected comedy for which the creators have been recognized.
Part 1 - Thursday October 29th at 1pm
Part 2 - Thursday November 5th at 1pm
Part 3 - Thursday November 12th at 1pm
Part 4 - Thursday November 19th at 1pm
Part 5 - Thursday December 3rd at 1pm
Part 6 - Thursday December 10th at 1pm
Final Premiere - Thursday December 17th at 7pm
Please note: purchasing a package at any donation level will allow you access to each of the weekly installments as well as the final premiere.  Each episode is performed live and will be recorded and available to package-holders to view any time after the airdate, until February 15, 2021.
Packages can be purchased here

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