About This Show

Whatever you call it – Creole, Dialect, Island Talk, Native Language, Patois – this annual affirmation of the Caribbean’s linguistic heritage has been a hit from its inception. Dialectics ’06 – Miss Lou Read-A-Thon has evolved into a virtual language festival on stage, giving Caribbean and non-Caribbean families alike an opportunity to explore the intricacies of ‘Caribbean English’ and related dialects. In song, poetry, story and sketch comedy, the presentation harkens back to regional folk performance gatherings of Tea Meetings, Best Village Shows, Penny Concerts and Nine Night, traditions that have nurtured Caribbean families for generations. And everybody gets involved!

Groups Sales: 917-771-5708

Dialects ’06 also performs on Sunday, November 26 at 6:00 PM at the Cultural Performing Arts Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Show Details

Running Time: 2hr 15min (1 intermission)
Dates: One Night Only: November 25, 2006