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There was Nichols and May (for those of you under 50, that's Mike Nichols, the brilliant director married to Diane Sawyer and Elaine May, the brilliant comedian and director), Burns and Allen, Lucy and Desi, Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca, Stiller and Meara, (oh, and do I have to explain all these duals to you youngsters too?) Start goggling! So as you can see, it's been way too long since a female/male comedy team has given America a well deserved comedy workout. America, here we come! Bev and Ray, a Black woman and an Asian man, imagine the comic possibilities-----we have! Special Guests are actor/writer Les Gorm and singers Anna Murphy and Lucia Palmieri. We're also proud to introduce 8-YEAR-OLD CONTORTIONIST Jaylene Rodriguez O'Garro.

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