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This show is at the Coney Island Amphitheater Parking Lot, 3065 West 21st Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11224 Before you arrive: Bring a folding chair and a blanket (or two or three of each). Although we will have a food truck on site, you can bring your own popcorn. Bring your own garbage bag. Bring a mask for everyone in your car. You’ll need it when going to the restroom (on the Boardwalk).

While in the Parking Lot: Stay in your Designated Space - Once you’re parked in your spot, restrict your movement to within your car and the immediately adjacent parking spot. Stay in your Designated Space - Do don’t mingle with another group in the parking lot. Stay in your Designated Space - Do not leave your parking space unless you are walking to the food truck, or to use the restrooms. Stay in your Designated Space and enjoy the show!

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