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Shakespeare gets the full-female treatment when The Women’s Shakespeare Company presents their production of Measure for Measure featuring an all-woman cast. The story follows a Duke who wants to learn how his subjects will behave in his absence. He leaves town, placing the Puritanical Angelo in charge. Angelo promptly enacts an ancient law that allows him to order the death of anyone caught in pre-marital sex. His first victim is the young Claudio. Claudio’s sister, Isabella, about to take her vows and become a nun, goes to Angelo to plead for her brother’s life. Angelo is instantly smitten with Isabella and offers to save his life as long as the virginal Isabella will sleep with him. Director R.J. Tolan will stage the play in a film noir style, with Venetian blinds and intriguing shafts of light.

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Dates: Opening Night: April 2, 2000 Final Performance: April 23, 2000

Theatermania Review

| | April 12, 2000

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