About This Show

Wintertime Peace is an evening of peaceful and harmonius vibes with your hostess, Lady Geeta Citygirl. This evening features theatre, dance, film and comedy, including the following pieces:
Browntown – These days, every brown actor is wondering, “Should I take that terrorist role for the money or reject it on principle?” What will Omar, Malek, and Vijay do when put to the test? This piece explores the issue of cultural stereotyping from the point of view of three brown actors at an audition for a less-than-original tv-movie.

Shiv Jyoti Dance Collective – Worshipping the Divine through Dance, from Ganesh to Shiva Shakti, this piece presents a sampling of classical Bharatanatyam highlighting the theatrical expressiveness and intricate footwork of this eternal dance form.

Traditional Q&A and reception with complimentary wine, soda, gourmet cheeses and Indian appetizers to follow. Plus there is a Monthly Raffle Drawing Showcase featuring special gifts! Each person receives one free raffle ticket included in the admission!!!

Show Details

Dates: One Night Only: December 15, 2003