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Straw Flower Productions presents Who Turned Off the Lights?, by Jackie Ruggiero. A cast of characters ride down the road to enlightenment blindfolded with the help of a few good books and some oblivious friends. Mark Jacobson directs. Who Turned Off the Lights? began as a spoof on the self-help movement, a comment on the steady stream of enlightened philosophies of living for sale. "As I explored Marsha Farley, a self-help guru and best selling author just inches away from her own nervous breakdown", says Ruggiero, "I felt compelled to shift the focus to her audience." The result is a montage of characters paying for relief from loneliness and indecision. It explores the phenomena of intelligent people shutting off instinct and giving themselves over to someone else's proclaimed truth. Who Turned Off the Lights? is a comedic treatment of characters riding down the road to enlightenment blindfolded.

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