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What It Iz is a fusion of traditional musical theatre, hip hop, and spoken word poetics inspired by the 1970s musical and film production The Wiz. This classic story of self-discovery will take audiences from the birth of hip hop culture through the devastating impact of the mass incarceration crisis on targeted youth, working families and communities of color. In this 21st century tale Dorothy is swept away not to Oz but to modern day NYC where we find the Wiz behind bars. Through spoken word and beats What It Iz dives into the politics behind the prison industrial system, 911 and today's Hip Hop. The 2006 production will be staged with a dynamic new cast under the direction of C. Sala Hewitt with musical scoring by Hanifah Walidah. Produced by Blackout Arts Collective and Sucka For Life. Group Sales Number: 212-594-4282 Appropriate For Ages: 15 and up

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