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It's Beckett meets Marat-Sade in this erotic, edgy, experimental comedy. Waiting for the Show's action begins during an afternoon rehearsal of a fire-breathing, snake handling, come-to-Jesus anti-abortion skit in the basement of a major research hospital. Two women, Nina and Anne, diligently rehearse their parts as Maria from The Sound of Music and Founding Father George Washington. But mysteriously, every day at the same time, the rehearsal is interrupted by Nina's trip to the Treatment Room. Mad scientists Dr. Freud and Dr. Nietzsche enter to observe "The Treatment" that Anne administers to Nina. On this day however, all hell breaks loose. XY(T) can be summarized in a simple query: Do you have the balls to become a man? The production delves into questions, contradictions, and characters exploring: TESTOSTERONE. Transgender butch Kestryl Cael was a woman, once upon a time. Now, he is stripping layers of gender, self, sex, and sanity in pursuit of his own masculinity. Combining ethnography, autobiography, a syringe, and a massive pink strap-on, XY(T) charts one queer's quest for a gender that makes sense. Filled with testosterone and transgression, masculinity and mayhem, XY(T) playfully punctures everything you thought you knew about gender.

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