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A performance piece that takes theater as its topic. Truly interactive theater. Peformance as education. A performance about the nature of performance. Topics include: theater, performance art, torture, outsourcing, anorexia, Israel, Palestine, Charismatic Leadership, the Shock Doctrine, theater vs. performance, Night School, Tino Seghal, learning vs. "learning," talking vs. "talking", performing vs acting, democracy vs. Authenticity. Totally Bitchen. Simone Weil (100 years). Seminar format. Participatory. A project that looks at American Theater, and asks "What the fuck were you thinking?". Topics range from TCG to Blackwater. On the 100th anniversary of Simone Weil's birth, CiNE takes the philosopher's unfinished play and uses it to ask theater, "What the fuck were you thinking?" But then again...

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