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The New York Musical Theater Festival presents Titus X: The Musical in concert. Titus X is the story of a victorious soldier returning home to Rome after losing most of his sons to war. He observes the religious rites of human sacrifice, killing the son of Tamora, Queen of the Goths, and setting in motion a violent chain reaction of revenge, which includes: the rape and disfigurement of Titus' daughter, the execution of two of his sons, the exile of a third, and the amputation of his hand. Titus, losing his sanity, sets his own gory revenge in motion, killing Tamora's two remaining sons, baking them in a pie, and feeding them to her at a banquet, by the end of which, all of the guests are dead. Shawn Northrip musically adapts Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus with a punk rock score.

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