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Tim Fite has recorded a few different albums, under various aliases, in a multiplicity of genres. His most recent effort is ‘Gone Ain’t Gone,’ a darkly whimsical inspection of theft as a vehicle for cultural-evolution. A firm believer in sociopathos, Tim Fite walks the line between justifiable piracy and irrational radicalism; this narrow path affords him a grand view of the pithecanthropine landscape, enabling him to chart the topography of humanistic progression and regression with blinding musical/moral accuracy. Because of this, Tim Fite must plead ‘not guilty’ to being innocent, and in doing so perjure himself for the sake of one day being truly free. Renowned homemaker Constance O’Reily once said, ‘There’s no justice like criminal justice,’ and in this world of gross misunderstanding, there is no heart better suited to hold her words dear than the bloodless heart of Tim Fite.

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Dates: One Night Only: August 5, 2006