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A tale of the pleasures of wonderland for an evangelical age, co-conceived by Emma Rika and Suzy Khimm, written by Suzy Khimm; directed by Emma Rika, original score by Ethan Hein and Michelle Saacks, performed by the Grits Theater Company: Desiree Burch, Asia Dillon, Eliisa Frazier, Madeleine Maby, Tim Mullaney, and Christopher Myers. The Three Ecstasies is a lustful journey of the mind that ultimately possesses the body of a young woman in her life's quest for knowledge and understanding. And, her quest proves to be a passionate, delirious and ecstatic experience. Schedule: Sunday, December 5 & Monday, December 6 - Saturday, December 11 & Sunday, December 12 - Saturday, December 18, Sunday, December 19, & Monday, December 20. All performances are at 7:30 p.m.

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