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The Sneeze is a series of eight works, which cast a comedic and satirical eye on the self-important, the pious and the endless battles between the sexes; while at the same time, touching on such universal themes as bigotry, aging and love. The eight individual stories are as follows: Drama - A successful writer's worst nightmare comes to life as he is trapped with an awestruck and would-be scribe while forced to listen to her inane and endless story. Alien Corn - In this simple tale with a subtle message, Chekhov shows us the worst kind of bigotry and ignorance; that which goes on for far too long because no one has ever tried to correct the offender - until it is too late. The Sneeze - An evening at the theatre becomes a nightmare for two couples in this hilarious farce, done almost entirely in pantomime. Bear - After the death of her violent and unfaithful husband, a widow shuts herself off from the world, determined to live a life of piousness. However, her plans are threatened when an angry landowner barges in, demanding repayment for monies lent her late spouse. A battle of the sexes plays out with anger, rage, love and dueling pistols. The Evils of Tobacco - What begins as a talk on the dangers of the tobacco, turns into a rant on life as a henpecked husband rails against his situation, his family, his overbearing wife and the number 13. The Inspector-General - A government official tries to remain anonymous while on an inspection tour only to find everyone knows everything about him - and we do mean everything! Swan Song - An aging actor reflects on his life in this touching story about growing old. The Proposal - A landowner suffering from hypochondria decides to propose to his neighbor's daughter. However, egos threaten to get in the way once they start talking about property rights....

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