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The Philanderer is a racy comedy about sex, sex roles, commitment, social role-playing, modern medicine and animal research, marriage contracts, child/parent relationships. To top it off, it was all written over a hundred years ago by George Bernard Shaw. The protagonist is Leonard Charteris, a man who 'likes to tell the truth, but doesn't want to hear it' and who confesses he 'could love any woman as long as she was pretty.' Leonard finds himself in the awkward situation of being romantically involved with two women at the same time. They all belong to the controversial Ibsen Club. To become a member, men are forbidden to behave in a 'manly' way and women aren't allowed to be 'girlish.' There's also a doctor who has rocked modern science by discovering a new, fatal disease which may or may not exist. No social or sexual stone is left unturned in The Philanderer. A comedy of Shavian proportions. This reading of G.B. Shaw's The Philanderer feautres Michael Cerveris (Sweeny Todd), Karen Ziemba (Curtains), Nancy Anderson, David Garrison (Wicked), Peter Bartlett, Timothy Jerome (Tarzan) and Liz Morton.

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