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328 Chauncey Street Productions presents The Imperfections of a Man, a one-man show about the life and career of Anthony Perkins, written and performed by Vernon Bauer. The show takes an intimate look at screen legend Anthony Perkins-most famous for his portrayal of Norman Bates in Psycho-whose life hit ecstatic highs and scandalous lows as he grappled with the pitfalls of success and his hidden homosexuality during a time of puritanical decision-making in Hollywood. A fascinating figure, Perkins' story can be explored many ways-seen by some as the journey of an egomaniac, driven by a desperate hunger for fame and greatness; by others, he is seen as a shy, talented, typecasted actor who foraged his way through the sexual and societal Puritanism of the 1950s, meeting tragedy within the liberation of the 1970s and 80s; by others still, he was a picture of a man whose need to free himself from his mother's demands took a lifetime. Performances: Saturday, April 3 (8 PM); Sunday, April 4 (3 PM, 8 PM); Tuesday, April 6 (7 PM); Wednesday, April 7 (7 PM); Thursday, April 8 (7 PM); Friday, April 9 (8 PM); Saturday, April 10 (5 PM)

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