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In 1777, a colonial New Hampshire town sits complacent and ignorant of its own danger under British rule as rebellion swirls around it. Only Richard Dudgeon, hard-living prodigal son of a leading family, sees the threat to those on the sidelines of war, but who will heed the warnings of the Devil's Disciple? When he is mistaken by the British for the town's minister, Anthony Anderson, and arrested for treason to the crown, he is also the only one to see an opportunity to take a stand for the rights of a new nation. Anderson flees, and Dudgeon is to be hanged by the witty, civil, and cold-hearted General "Gentlemanly Johnny" Bourgoyne. The only hope rests in the heart of Anderson's conflicted wife -- devoted to her God but in love with Richard. But can G.B. Shaw let love conquer all in The Devil's Disciple?

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