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Set in the working-class, post-industrial suburban town of Schenectady, New York, The Big Vig tells the story of Lenny Lombardo, an out of work construction worker who cashed in his dreams long ago when he tried to "do right" by his then girlfriend, Sherri. As the play opens, Lenny and his two misfit friends become embroiled in a half-baked bookie scam to make some fast money and appease Sherri with a new (used) car. Instead, Lenny serendipitously finds Eileen Barnes, his one time childhood friend, who not only remembers details like his affection for lilacs, egg creams and his yellow bike with the banana seat, but also recalls his big smile and zest for life. All things that Lenny has since forgotten. Until now. Caught reeling between his current self and the person he used to be, Lenny finds himself staring down the biggest gamble he's ever taken--to forgo the so-called "right thing" on a chance at true happiness. There is an additional performance on Wed, March 10th at 8pm.

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