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The Riant Theatre presents its first showcase of The Best of the Strawberry One-Act Festivals, which encompasses four separate "series" of performances, with each series presented on three evenings during the engagement. Series A: Tuesday, June 22 & Thursday, June 24 at 7pm; Saturday, June 26 at 3pm High Crimes and Subtle Deceptions by Michael Burdick A man and a woman meet in a seedy bar and fall in love. But can they trust each other? They both have a past, but what will their future hold if they let down their defenses? The Decision by Arno Austin A man makes a decision after he receives the surprise of his life, which he reveals to his wife that brings a different outlook to their relationship. The Harlequin Maneuver by Don Nguyen A delightful comedy in which a man enters the romance novel he's been reading to gain some closure in his love life. The Spirit of Roberta by Richard Edwin Knipe, Jr. They say in life you only pass this way but once and when you're gone you hope that you have touched someone in a positive way. Rose remembers her sister fondly. Series B: Tuesday, June 23 & Friday, June 25 at 7pm; Satuday, June 26 at 9pm Desinations by Rob Sullivan What if you're married and the opportunity arises for you to have a casual affair, is it worth the consequences? Some people want to go there, but can they find their way back? Who Knew? by Michael Casano A young man prepares to meet his mother for the first time but doesn't realize how deeply the meeting will affect his fiance. You're Never Gone by Jay D. Hanagan A mother and daughter share a bond years after losing a loved one. The Test by Paula J. Caplan An inmate on Death Row is to be tested to determine if he is mentally retarded. Failing this test will save his life. But passing the test will surpass his lifelong humiliation for being labeled "stupid" and make him proud. Mama always urged him to try his best, but doing his best may be the worst advice. Series C: Tuesday, June 22 & Thursday, June 24 at 9pm; Saturday, June 26 at 7pm Goodnight Lovin' Trail by John Patrick Bray At a truck stop diner in West Texas, two wounded starngers find redemption in each other's eyes while discussing a stolen guitar. And the beat plays on. Negotiating the Elusive Perfect One Night Stand by Jason Green In a world of settling for Mister Right Now while looking for Mister Right, a young couple finds that they may have gotten more than they bargained for. On Top by John Patrick Bray Two lovers redefine the rules of a relationship when one is accused of cheating. Series D: Tuesday, June 23 & Friday, Jund 25 at 9pm; Saturday, June 26 at 5pm Measure My Measure by Ted Williams A modern day Shakespeare vignette. A young pretty man by the name of Peter is visited by an older bearish man by the name of Johnson, to tell him that King George of Bush is detaining his liberal brother. Johnson tries to convince Peter to relinquish his Bush ordained celibacy to spare his brother's life, but to do so could lead to their demise. What's a young man to do? Trespass by Nelsan Narie Ellis "Forgive us our trepasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from evil..." From evil....from evil...A son comes home to take care of a few things that his mama just wouldn't do. Tricks by Bryant Hernandez A married man eating his lunch in the park decides he wants a taste of some forbidden fruit. Between You and Me by Paul Cohen Love can be so good that when it's gone it can be a trip. There's a thin line between reality and fantasy. That's what they mean when they say, "get a grip!"

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