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Beautiful Ponies, a sketch & improv comedy troupe, presents Take My Breath Away. True to their word, these Ponies have made this the best summer ever. (And many of them have been on fairly strong doses of antibiotics and topical creams as a result of their shenanigans, if truth be told). But, enough is enough. They've had their fun. They've learned some lessons and, now, watching they keep waiting, still anticipating love. Never hesitating to become the fated ones. They're done screwing around. They are ready for a long-term commitment. They swear. So, take their breath away and come feel the love with these Oh-So-Beautiful Ponies. No, seriously, these ponies are beautiful. They know that you won't love them if they're not. And they also know that skinny = beautiful = funny. They haven't been allowed to eat in weeks and are on a strict diet of water and TrimSpa X32. The ponies have vowed to lose a pound for every laugh they get and, collectively, they think they can lose up to a ton.

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