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War, unemployment, terrorism -- what's a simple country girl to do? Well, if you're Bailey Sugarman (her friends call her Sugarbaby), you run away from home, with the help of your best friend, Jesus, to see America, before it's all sold off, co-opted, argued away, blown up, or just plain lost. And if you're Sheriff Rufus J. Miranda, you issue an Amber Alert, hunting this cornfed firecracker across this great land of ours, not letting anyone or anything get in your way. If you're Rod Butane, best-selling, top-rated conservative talk show host, you accuse Arab terrorists of kidnapping the girl, and use her mission as an excuse for ratings, notoriety, and your own agenda. And if you're political filmmaker Mitch Common, you know you've found your new documentary subject, your new counterculture icon, and a license to print money. But if you're Sugarbaby, why, all you wanna do is see America - open roads, crystal blue sky, drive-ins and casinos, the high and the low, and all the noise that everybody's making about you is just getting in the damn way... Time for drastic measures... There are additional performances on Sundays, July 27th and August 3rd at 4pm.

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