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Something About You and The 4th of July, a full length play written by Eric Alter, is a fast paced romantic comedy, which highlights the search for passion and love in human relationships. The play cross cuts between time and space as funny stories are told and horrific blind dates are recounted and re-enacted. The premise: Sketch is a struggling artist living in NYC, stuck in an advertising job he doesn't like. To make matters worse, his girlfriend dumps him on their three-year anniversary. Sketch's friends, father and other people he meets along his journey to self-discovery, new love and passion, pull him in twenty different directions. He passes through comical "Stages of a Break-Up" which include shock, denial, rumors, sentimental and others. Then Sketch meets Remi, a woman who will turn his world upside down. She has everything; looks, personality, passion. She is also blind. The play takes off from there and becomes a passionate story about seeing the world from many different perspectives. Jennifer Bornstein directs. There is no show on Monday, June 9th.

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