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Using the arts to help people grapple with their hopes, feelings, conflicts, and fears in a time of war, Peter Standish Productions with Sage Theatre, Inc., and Spotlight On Productions presents a free, public reading of Shades, a work by award-winning playwright Paula J. Caplan . Written a year before the September 11 horrors, the play presciently resonates with themes and feelings with which people have been struggling since then. The reading will be followed by discussion with the audience, led by social justice activist priest, Fr. Francis Pizzarelli, SMM, who is also a clinical social worker, educator, columnist, and Founder and Director of Hope House Ministries The play is about whether people who have strong feelings about politics and patriotism can remain close to family and friends whose views are at opposite poles from theirs, and whether a person can disagree with what the government is doing and still be a good American. It's also about the different ways that people cope with the effects of war, and how that's affected by their sex and their race. Terra Vandergaw will direct.

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