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From the creators of Disposable Men comes RUS, an intimate, multimedia, psychosexual murder mystery. Lost in a labyrinth of repeating memories, and trapped in a failing marriage, Rus, an African American man, yearns to feel something new, full and real. But when a car accident connects Rus to Sonny, a gay hustler, he descends into a world of sex, drugs and violence - inevitably leading him down the path to destruction. When Sonny turns up dead, Rus becomes the prime target of a police investigation... but is he a murderer? Using innovative technology, including movement projections and experimental "video puppets," RUS draws audiences into a seemingly surreal underworld without the use of sets or props. With salsa and tango-inspired movement and original music, the production recreates the seedy reality that lies just beneath our everyday lives. Told through a non-linear story structure, fragmented memories piece together the stories of characters that have grown numb and are willing to go to extremes to feel again. RUS features performances by Marc Bovino, Albert Christmas, Todd D'Amour, Daphne Gaines and Dax Valdes with music by Steve Adorno, lights by Chris Brown, media effects by Hal Eagar and fight choreography by Qui Nguyen. Text and video design is by James Scruggs; direction and choreography by Kristin Marting.

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