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Yangtze Repertory Theater presents the first stage adaptation of Ren Ah, Ren (You, O You Humans), the novel by Dai HouYing. The novel, published in 1980, was one of the first literary works to confront the excesses of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. It is adapted for the stage and directed by Joanna Chan. The play views the Cultural Revolution through the eyes of three people in a love triangle: two men, Ho and Zhao, and a woman, Sun. Although they have the bonds of love and friendship and are united in the struggle for a new China, the Maoist system forces them into positions against each other in a sequence of horrible betrayals. The story begins as they meet in a university--a rare privilege, especially for people from the agricultural sector, which was hit hard by the upheavals of the "Great Leap Forward" of 1958-1961 (the period preceding the events of this play). Appropriate For Ages: 13 and over

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