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Against the brutality of time and politics, RED WEDNESDAY seeks to rescue and redefine our civilization's legacy. Confessions of unrest, reformation, decadence, and loss conspire to provide conclusive evidence of the glamor of an era that is dying and the valor of a new age that is emerging. Journey through three generations of weddings, wars and discotheques in this multimedia ballad that follows the struggles and dreams of a family born into revolution. Inspired by the controversial story of Sadegh Ghotbzadeh, Iran's Foreign Minister during the 1979 hostage crisis, and written by his great-niece, the production unpacks the core issues at play between Iran, US and global interests, paying special attention to those left to clean up the mess when we blow each other up. With a feverish score and high-octane choreography, the production gives voice to a rising global counterculture and asks: in a world consumed by fire who will be the final victor?

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