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CHRYSLER SPEAKS One man's invitation into the heart of 42nd Street Lee Eypper with James Cassano HEROICS When past and present collide --­ literally. written and directed by Brandon Ramos with Nick Giello, Mike Keller, Therese Plummer, Paul Siemens and Tara Westwood CLOWN COLLEGE The imitation of lower types rocks! by Brian F. Beatty directed by Ken Lowstetter with Jennifer Danielle and David Sajadi* (no performance of this piece on 3/18) DISTANT VOICES A young woman recounts the defining moments leading up to the day she fought back written & directed by Siobhan Weiss with Kristin Carter BREAK MY CHAINS A psychic and a half naked hunk shake up a woman's ideas about her marriage which gives her the strength to question what really is? written and directed by Bettina Bilger with Tiffany Clown, Morgan Cox, Garrett Ingham*, Karen Kayton* and Jason Kodym DEADENED EYE Sometimes desensitivity becomes the norm written and directed by Arthur W. French III with Hank Dennis and Monica Kedzie Romero CONSUMPTION When savory and sweet fuse to form the perfect mold for happiness, who will be able to take the heat in the kitchen by W. LaBier Jones directed by Tom Holmes with Eva Nicole, James Sutton* and Ellen Turkelson SHUCKED What do a would-be lawyer, an accountant/designer and a possibly not-completely-certified couple's therapist have in common?...More than they know. by Jennifer Danielle directed by Paul Nicholas with Christine D'Amato, Mike Duff and Kevin James Wagner* *appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

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