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Politics of Passion: The Plays of Anthony Minghella features three of the playwright's early works. Personal, social, and confused connections are at the heart of Minghella's plays in this evening that takes an unvarnished look at the issue of social responsibility though the lens of our responsibility to those with whom we're closest. Ciagrettes and Chocolate When Gemma suddenly stops talking, her circle of friends is confounded by her silence. What could possibly be her motivation for this radical act of social isolation? Gemma's deliberate silence compels them to funny, painful confessions of love, longing and shame. The play ultimately addresses the greater questions of the nature of protest and the significance (or lack thereof) of using one's voice in a society where noise replaces connection. Hang Up Two phones, one conversation. A couple negotiates the complexities, longings and mistrust in a relationship at a distance. Sometimes love is a disconnect. Truly, Madly, Deeply (selected scene from the film) In the time it takes to hop down a city block, could you reveal who you truly are to the person walking next to you?

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