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Partial Comfort Productions presents Play, a new work by Robert O'Hara, Chay Yew, Kia Corthron, Edwin Sanchez, Keith Josef Adkins, and Tracey Scott Wilson. Directed by Robert O'Hara. Play is an erotic drama exploring the consequences of desire through a series of interweaving metrosexual relationships. Watch as six individuals of various racial and sexual orientations play and get played. The show was created as an experiment in script writing. Playwright/director Robert O'Hara started with a revised version of his one act play "drinks and desire," part of his critically acclaimed Booty Candy. He then passed along his script to five more playwrights in succession. Each was asked to write a new scene adhering to the following three rules: Rule 1: You must use at least one character from the last section. Rule 2: You can add only one new character if you choose to add any at all. Rule 3: In 10 pages, move the story forward in an adventurous manner. O'Hara then wrote the final scene and Play was born. Features extremely coarse language and very adult situations.

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