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Program A Wed. March 19 and Thu. March 20 at 7:30pm Five Movements Towards Freedom: A Choreopoem Excerpt of solo performance by DawN Crandell Five Movements Towards Freedom reflects the reclamation of voice in the face of silencing forces. A voice poetic in word and motion. It is a woman's ritual to rise and reveal a personal strength. Oposite Day Solo performance by Sean Tarjoto. Mr. Tarjoto uses Phillip Kan Gotanda's Yankee Dawg You Die as a launching point for a rhetorical dialectical dialogue between a fictional character and his author. Recess Solo performance by Una Aya Osato Recess is a story of one girl's struggle between getting an education and getting schooled. In this one woman show Una Aya Osato takes on six different roles as she examines today's public school system where struggles for power, criminalization of the youth and the effects of a suffocating bureaucracy are an everyday reality Program B Fri. March 21 and Sat. March 22 at 7:30pm Iris Solo performance by Jen Yip. A piece about Iris Chang, the noted Asian American journalist and her controversial campaign seeking an apology from the Japanese Government for wartime conduct. Goy Vey! Adventures of a Dim Sun in Search of His Wanton Father Excerpts from a solo performance by Richard Chang Finding Ways to Prove You're Not an Al-Qaeda Terrorist When You're Brown Excerpts from a solo performance by Snehal Desai Program C Mon.- Wed., March 24 - 26 at 7:30pm Merica by John Quincy Lee. A comedy of haves and have-nots. Constance visits Beijing in hopes to meet her only granddaughter, Merica, for the first time. Ming Quan, Merica's other grandmother will only let the meeting to take place if certain conditions are met. Program D Thu. - Sat., March 27 - 29 at 7:30pm Mango Tree by Anne Miyamoto Timmins Using Hawaiian myth and legend as well as magical flora and fauna, Mango Tree tells the universal tale of love, betrayal and hope in ever changing lives. A benevolent Mango Tree, a nosy Owl and a Moon Goddess help a Chinese Hawaiian child, a changling find the love she seeks and in doing so bestow "pono", the Hawaiian concept of responsibility to the lost family who finally embraces her.

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