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Pan Asian Repertory Theatre celebrates Asian Heritage month with a Pan Asian Festival of New Works, the premiere of four original work theater pieces written by and performed by emerging Asian-American artists. Participating shows are listed below: Elevator Sex by Lan Tran: Five strangers stuck in an elevator on 9/11 -- a surfer, an immigrant, a professional hugger, a model and a pickpocket. What is the one thing they have in common? Post traumatic sex disorder, the new PTSD. In this dark comedy, the trapped elevator is a metaphor for all the trauma in their lives. Written and performed by Lan Tran, recipient of the 2005 PEN Rosenthal Fellowship. Recollections by Kendra Ware: A butoh inspired meditation on the last day in the life of a homeless woman. Kendra Ware has performed as a downtown performance artist throughout NYC and Washington, DC as an actress in such venues as The Ohio Theater, The Flea, Here, PS 122, The Field, Chasama, Classical Theater of Harlem, Target Margin, Source Theater and Arena Stage and more. ABC (American Born Chinese) by John Quincy Lee: This play asks -- Why isn't there one single American Asian leading man in American film or television? Why can't we name one single Asian American anchorman when we watch the news? Where are our Asian American role models? John Quincy Lee was born and raised in New York City. 38th Parallels by Terry Park: A multimedia, autobiographical solo performance of divisions and reunifications. Weaving together storytelling, character monologues, spoken word, hip hop, and photographs, Park takes his audience on a fast and furious journey from his mother's house in Pyongyang to a Salt Lake City "nut house" to the World Cup in Seoul and all points in between, mixing and spinning multiple memories, voices, spaces, and histories to explore themes of migration, trauma, war, language, race, and rebellion. Terry Park is a Korean-American performer, activist, and scholar.

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