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Yangtze Repertory Theatre of America presents a revival of OneFamilyOneChildOneDoor, written and directed by Joanna Chan. This black comedy on the human costs of China's one-child policy set in 1987 in a small village in south China. It tells the fictional story of Chang, a prosperous farmer who already has a teen-aged daughter whom he cherishes. When his wife is unexpectedly found pregnant again, he decides that this is the son whom his entire clan has been waiting for. But he is not allowed a second child under the one-child policy. Being a law-abiding citizen, Chang has to come up with an ingenious way to meet his dilemma; his impulsive actions and strategy yield hilarious and very surprising results. In heart warming and humorous detail, the comedy peeks into the lives of ordinary citizens who, besides being under the yoke of ancient traditions, have to contend with a system that sets decent people against each other in the interest of the common good. The play was a finalist in the 2002 Jane Chambers Playwriting Contest for women playwrights.

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