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InTouch Theatre Productions presents OKtoberfest, a festival of original political plays. Tuesday, October 26: Test Tube World by Jesse Schmitt: 2pm Damage Control by Judy Klass: 4pm Series #1 6pm ("Final Line" by Leanna Renee Hieber, "First Lady" by Ed Valentine, "Absolutes" by Craig Abernethy, "Starman" by Dale Andersen, "Seminar" by Jonathan Libman) Series #2 8pm (Mark Saunders: Featured Playwright - "Camp Neoconnie" and "Line Forms In My Rear"; Gene Ruffini: Featured Playwright - "Sweet Bird Of Truth" and "War Is Sell") Wednesday, October 27: Series #1: 2pm The Alzheimer's Monologues by Mary Crescenzo: 7pm Test Tube World: 8pm Thursday, October 28th: Damage Control: 2pm Series #2: 4pm Test Tube World: 8pm Friday, October 29: Series #2: 2pm Test Tube World: 4pm The Alzheimer's Monologues: 6pm Damage Control: 8pm Saturday, October 30: The Alzheimer's Monologues: 2pm Series #2: 4pm Series #1: 6pm Test Tube World: 8pm Sunday, October 31: Series #1: 2pm The Alzheimer's Monologues: 4pm Test Tube World: 5pm Damage Control: 7pm

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