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The New Play ensemble writes a play while they are performing it, streamlining the cumbersome and often wasteful "process" traditionally used to develop scripts.  Eliminating re-writes, readings, rehearsals, and other "distractions," the cast harnesses the power of live theater with no preparation, opening (and closing) a brand new play each week.  New Play is an improvised play in two acts or less, a moving and meaningful contribution to New York's vibrant theater scene.  Possibly.  NEW PLAY stars Chicago improvisational veterans Peter Grosz, Deb Downing, Ed Herbstman, Katie Caussin, Melanie Hoopes, Jonathan Karpinos, and Kelly Haran.  Directed by Sandy Marshall, New Play is based on Play, which ran for two successful years at Chicago's iO Theater. New Play doesn't re-hash the stereotypes of well-known theatrical styles or authors for easy laughs. Instead, the cast explores original stories and characters every show, as if in the voice of some yet undiscovered playwright.  The results range from poignant to hilarious, and occasionally both at the same time.  Shows may contain strobe lights, loud explosions, nudity, objectionable themes, and gunfire. Or it may not.

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