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The New York City theater group AUR (Another Urban Riff) presents the premiere of Mixed Tape 2007, two new one-act plays written by 4 writers. The one-act plays, or "Tracks" as they are called, are distinct to each writer's point of view, yet they all adhere to an ensemble aesthetic. The format is unique: writer #2 can only read the script for Track 1, writer #3 reads Track 2, writer #4 reads Track 3. Each writer has the task of carrying over one character from the previous play. All the plays flow in and out of what precedes and follows, creating a unified experience not unlike a really good mixed tape. The line-up for Mixed Tape 2007 is: "Track 1" written by Lauren Hatcher, with direction by Robyn Neilsen, featuring Kristen Abate, Lawrence Jansen, Jessica Schupack, Julia Wiedeman and Jarrod Zayas "Track 2" written by Lisa Atenasio, with direction by Eden Foster, featuring Kerryn Feehan, Lawrence Jansen, Amber Petty and Tricia McAlpin "Track 3" written by Eden Foster, with direction by Marge Lewit, featuring Lisa Antenasio, Chris Cipriano, Kerryn Feehan, Matthew Watkins and Julie Wiedeman "Track 4" written by Marge Lewit, with direction by David Williams, featuring Megan Armitage, Lisa Atenasio, Karin Freeland, Robyn Nielsen, Nick Paglino, Lucas Wotkowski and Jarrod Zayaz.

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