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Hiding bodies is easy if you know a little magic. From Goddesses to Witches, throughout history women have been the personification of powers both mystical and supernatural, yet magic has conventionally been a man's game. Women in magic have traditionally been relegated to the role of the glamorous assistant. But when a woman becomes the Magician, tricks of the trade merge with centuries of instinctive mysticism in a truly hypnotic fashion. Magician explores the potent power struggles that exist between women. Sparks will fly - literally. Award-winning British playwright Katherine Knowles (Loving Ophelia) makes her American debut with this seductive dark comedy of insecurity, intrigue and illusion. The show is directed by Todd Lundquist with illusions designed by Nelson Lugo, produced by Susan Vargo in association with Caroline Cazes. Schedule Friday, August 12th @ 7pm Sunday, August 14th @ 9:30pm Tuesday, August 16th @ 7:15pm Thursday, August 18th @ 3:45pm Saturday, August 20th @ 12:30pm Saturday, August 27th @ 4:15pm

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