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In this version, directed by Rich Ferraioli, the classic Greek comedy resonates with the dramatic events of our own time. Ancient Greece is given a funny and contemporary flavor with original music and choreography. When the play was first written and performed the Greek Chorus roles would provide a summary of the narrative through songs and unison lines. Queens Players keep to this tradition albeit with a modern approach to the melodies and approach. In a world where women do whatever it takes for peace we experience the serious message of the play through bawdy jokes, songs and dance. This entertaining sexual play features themes that are not suitable for minors.

Lysistrata, fed up with that women are treated by their men folk, vows to change the outcome of the Peloponnesian War. With the assistance of her fellow Athenian colleagues and Lampito, a Spartan woman, Lysistrata starts a "sex-strike" in Greece. Under her direction, the Greek women also take over the Acropolis. All of this is done to try and persuade the Greek men to quit fighting and get back home to their beds where they belong.

"I am a woman, yes, but there is a mind in me" ~Lysistrata

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