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For their new production Louder, Norway's award-winning performance collective Verdensteatret embarked on a long journey through Vietnam and the Mekong-river. Combining robotics, video, sound, music, shadow play, object theatre and new technology, they take the audience with them on an intense and other-worldly voyage. Reason ends as the spectator is engulfed by a vast and visual soundscape, encountering cycles of transformation and the layering of tales from the past and present. Louder is a massive storytelling orchestra rigged on rusty wire. The epic performance is propelled by sound and image. A tidal wave of pictures and sounds is cast at the audience by a spectacularly intricate machine so fragile that it is in constant danger of short-circuiting. Among a pile of megaphones that hurl sound in all directions, and a knot of wires stretched to the point of snapping, people navigate and narrate this teeming and transporting environment. Verdensteatret is one of the most innovative and experimental companies in Norway. Their experimental use of audiovisual technology in a close dialogue with more traditional and historic tools of artistic expression results in complex orchestral works and space-related musical compositions.

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