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An "autopsy of our daydreams", in the words of its creator Philippe Quesne, The Itching of the Wings explores the desire of men to becomes birds, and thus of flying and falling, of desire and disillusion. The set, an apparent artists' loft replete with film and video projectors and recording booth, becomes the interactive canvas for a subjective miscellany of sounds and images happened upon in books, recordings, film, internet searches, radio, television, songs, dreams. A series of upending interviews with artist and painters, a dental surgeon, a costumer and philosophy professor plus a visit form a rock band dimensionalize this light-hearted, but altogether serious, polyphony of music, movement, text and image that is a history of the history of art and ideas. With music by Stockhausen, Kid Koala, Raymond Scott, Aphex Twin, John Willams and Big Yum Yum, just for starters. Note: This show is part of the Act French Festival

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