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See what happens when Mob Boss Angelo Vetrano decides to retire early from the mob and follow his dream of becoming an actor in NYC. He meets Vladimir, the ROOMMATE from hell. Forgetaboutit!!!! This one time Mafia kingpin will never be the same. Group II Theatre presents, in association with Ligia Fay, the "new" late night hit comedy, How I Killed My Roommate...and got away with it. This musical is written by John Pallotta, with lyrics by Camille Suggs and music by Lizz Rantz and Vedant Goklay. Nikki Baksh directs, with choreography Tamara Kosh. Angelo retires early from the family after many years of hard work. However, he is asked to perform one last deed by his Godfather, the much feared and respected "Don Japuti". Angelo must hit a famous Hollywood "BAD" actor named Bryce Flavour because he took license with the mob's money. After the hit, The Don requests that Angelo never again use his gun in violence but that he must pursue a new life outside the family. Angelo must do this in order to collect his W.O.P. Pension plan under the mob rules. The plan is worth 6.3 Million dollars to Angelo so he promises the Don that he will endeavor to abstain from violence and live a good life. The Don promises Angelo that he will receive his money at the end of six months based upon his good behavior. The Don places Angelo under surveillance without him knowing just to make sure everything is on the up and up. Angelo moves to NYC to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. He meets Vladimir Beckett, the Roommate from HELL. A cast of characters also aggravates him in his apartment building starting with his roommate who owns the apartment he rents. Angelo discovers that the roommate is a recently released mental patient diagnosed with schizophrenia and other malaise. After a time all of these characters become too much for Angelo to handle. Angelo decides he MUST KILL VLAD, and find away to get a way with it.

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