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For the 15th consecutive year, Dixon Place presents HOT! The NYC Celebration of Queer Culture. The festival that features lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender artists takes over the famous LES living room for eight weeks with an unprecedented TEN SHOWS A WEEK of theatre, dance, music, literature, performance art and homoeroticism for the whole family! MONDO CANÉ! COMMISSIONING PROGRAM Boiling in the fires of HOT '06, two new DP commissions premiere: JEFFREY ESSMANN in Skin Deep Thursdays & Fridays, July 6, 7, 13, 14, 20 & 21 at 8pm; $15, $12 stu/seniors, TDF Thursday only After a 10 year sabbatical from NYC, Essman presents all new work that moves from "Autobiography" to "The Secret Language of Tits," from funeral oration to cybersex, and from the personal to the political to the punchline. Oscar Wilde said art should be a veil, not a mirror. With Skin Deep, Jeffrey Essmann takes on a series of hilarious veils that end up reflecting him far more than any mirror could hope to. SLANTY EYED MAMA's Americasiana: Stories, Dreams, Reoriented Wednesdays, July 19, 26 at 8pm; Thursdays July 20 at 10pm & 27 at 8pm; Friday July 21 at 10pm & Sunday, July 23 at 7pm; $15, $12 stu/seniors, TDF Wed/Thurs only A dynamic new work from performance artist Kate Rigg, creator of Kate's Chink-O-Rama featuring the Chink-O-Rama dancers and Birth of a nASIAn. Cyber-butoh dancer Satomi Shikata and virtuostic composer/violinist Lyris Hung join Kate to bring you music, dance, comedy and electric violin riffs for a truly modern look at what it's like to be Asian in America. The following year-round DP series' present special queer editions for HOT! key to all listings: D=Dance L=Literature T=Theatre M=Music [ D ] MOVING MEN Felix Ciprian, Christal Brown & Alberto Denis Tuesday, July 11 at 7pm; $15, $12 stu/seniors, TDF accepted Curated by Arthur Aviles, Moving Men provides an opportunity for emerging male choreographers to present their new work. [ L ] HOMOTEXT Sarah Schulman & Gary Indiana Tuesday, July 18 at 7pm; $6 or TDF Don't miss this special edition of the venerable Homotext series featuring two of the most provocative and accomplished queer writers in New York (or anywhere!) Curated by Sara Seinberg. [ L ] BELLADONNA Sina Queyras, E. Tracy Grinnell & Paul Foster Johnson. Tuesday, July 25 at 7pm $6 or TDF Curated by Erica Kaufman & Rachel Levitsky, this feminist/innovative reading & publication series promotes the work of writers who are adventurous, experimental, political, multicultural, multi-gendered, unpredictable, and dangerous with language (to the death machinery). [ T, M ] DAN FISHBACK Please Let Me Love You Fridays & Saturdays, June 30 & July 1 at 8pm; July 7 & 8 at 10pm: $15, $12 students/seniors "[Fishback] rarely settles for simple platitudes... It is exciting to see work that gently and insightfully subverts conventions - both societal and theatrical - and is unafraid to actually care." - Fishback further develops his scatter-shot meditation on pedophilia, imperialism, motherhood, & the "ex-gay" movement. Interspersed w/musical numbers, the play exposes troubled characters, from a gun-wielding Michael Jackson clone to a pair of quarreling Iraqi lesbians. [ M, T ] COLLECTIVE OPERA COMPANY DREAMpaula Friday, June 30 at 10pm; $15, $12 students/seniors Spawned from a rehearsal improvisation & a subsequent dream of Paula (one of the company's ensemble members), DREAMpaula is a visionary exploration in language & meaning in opera. [ D, T ] JULIE ATLAS MUZ, MICHAEL CROSS BURKE & CARY CURRAN Wednesdays, July 5 & August 2 at 8pm; $15, $12 stu/seniors, TDF accepted A triple bill features Muz' investigation into the mentality of the female suicide bomber; Burke's juxtaposition of dance, text & video exploring contradictions & conservatism within the LGBT movement; and singing, dancing & gabbing from Curran as she takes you on a warped tour from confused Catholic teen to downtown queen. [ T, M ] RENO, MIKE ALBO, TAYLOR MAC & SCOTTY THE BLUE BUNNY Queering the Apocalypse Saturday, July 8 at 8:00pm; $15, $12 students/seniors An evening of comedy, essays & song providing a queer perspective on the coming end of the world. [ T ] TAYLOR MAC Blue Grotto Monday, July 10 at 8pm; $10 or TDF Kicked out of the military for having crystal meth blown up his asshole, Max, a self-identified pre-op F to M transsexual, has come home to take care of hir mother and senile grandmother. In his new 3 character absurdist-dramedy, Mac explores the need for home. [ T ] LIZ DAHMEN & LARYSSA HUSIAK Tuesday, July 11 at 9pm; $15, $12 stu/seniors, TDF accepted Based on her experiences working in a high school for 6 years, Dahmen employs an absurdist approach to coming of age. Thru charming characters, powerful movement & comic conflations, Husiak explores the full spectrum of what it means to be a young woman coming out. [ T ] RENO DaReno Code Wednesdays, July 12 at 8pm & July 19 at 10pm; $15, $12 students/seniors, TDF accepted In preparation for a new show, firebrand comic RENO returns to DP to workshop new stuff & vent her many frustrations regarding the state of the world! [ T ] JOSEPH KECKLER & ERIN MARKEY EVICTED FROM OBLIVION Thursday, July 13 at 10pm; $15, $12 students/seniors, TDF accepted With the recent Catholic Church declaration that Limbo is non-existent, Keckler & Markey imagine a bar called The Lurch where citizens of the netherworld grapple with the question: where do you go when you've been evicted from oblivion? [ T ] The WORLD FAMOUS * BOB * IS "F to F" Saturdays, July 14 & 28 at 10pm; $15, $12 students/seniors An evening of striptease & storytelling in her 1st ever solo show, downtown sweetheart & nightlife icon guides you down the gravel road that took her from living in a Camaro in California to the stages of NYC's top gay dives. [ T ] RIP ME OPEN Saturdays, July 15 & 22 at 8pm; $15, $12 students/seniors "Rip Me Open has a buildup worthy of a panic attack & a payoff to die for!"- Village Voice. She's a private dick who's seen it all. He's a blonde bomb¬shell waiting to explode. In this filthy, lonely city, some secrets just can't stay hidden. Follow two wise-cracking, desperate souls as they inves¬tigate a strange sexual act in a case of threatened violence & psychosexual intrigue. [ T, M ] EMERALD CREST Saturdays, July 15, 22 & 29 at 10pm; $15, $12 students/seniors Hank Hivnor's episodic psychotic soap opera has taken Williamsburg by storm for the past year during weekly engagements at the magical Art Land Bar. In this zesty ready-to-wear reality, the Zilla villains & Dudley-do-rights battle it out in a high-stakes drama. It's a wild ride through a broken island paradise that will shock even the most jaded Dick & Jane. [ T, M ] MICHELLE MATLOCK w/ INNER PRINCESS & ROBB LEIGH DAVIS Monday, July 17 at 8pm & Tuesday, July 18 at 9pm; $15, $12 students/seniors, TDF accepted Inner Princess accidentally use the lyrics of their next hit song to summon the spirit of a legendary Lesbian Cross-dressing Harlem Renaissance Blues Singer: strap-on dancing & singing, crazy panties, boas & top hats - a celebration of gender bending history that'll rip the skirt right off your ass! And from the church pews to the street corners of America, Davis' AMERICANBLACKOUT is an enduring journey thru the labyrinth of ethnicity, sexuality & individual identity in the land of the free. [ T ] PENNY ARCADE Old Queen Monday, July 24 at 8pm & Tuesday, July 25 at 9pm; $15, $12 students/seniors, TDF accepted The legendary performance artist unveils a new piece on survivorship based on her numerous experiences care-taking for friends dying of AIDS & her own recent bout with Hepatitis C. [ T ] NEAL MEDLYN & SHELLY MARS Wednesday & Thursday, July 26 & 27, at 10pm; $15, $12 students/seniors, TDF accepted Shelly Mars presents Rimming in which she addresses premium denim, the Black Party, healthy cunts and Bonobos. Neal Medlyn (the Paris Hilton of Performance Art) gets jiggy with his special brand of zany theatrics. [ T, D, M ] DYNASTY HANDBAG & FAYE DRISCOLL Friday & Saturday, July 28 & 29 at 8pm; Thursday & Friday, August 3 & 4 at 10pm; $15, $12 students/seniors, TDF accepted Thurs only Hell in a Handbag Following the sold-out premiere in PS122's Schoolhouse Roxx, Dynasty Handbag presents a revamped version of Dante's Inferno. Eyes, Eyes, Eyes, Driscoll's fast paced, comical & uncomfortable new work explores the physical exorcism of surveillance through dance - a pelvic thrust will set you free. [ M ] LURCH AND HOLLER & HELEN STRATFORD Monday, July 31 at 8pm; $15, $12 students/seniors, TDF accepted Liz Downing & Michael Willis, an incarnation of Lambs Eat Ivy, are an Appalachian parlor music duo using banjo, piano & a couple of careening vocals. With a penchant for angels & drag queens, Stratford explores the relationship between Eros & intellect in the underworld in Lower East Side of Love. [ T ] SETH STEWART Ghost Town Under Ground Tuesday, August 1 at 8pm; $15, $12 students/seniors, TDF accepted Something's amiss in the town of Cahaba Falls... has been for centuries. A teen soap with dark shadings (think 90210 set in a backwater Southern town) spun by Stewart's alter-ego, Stella Jones. [ T ] AND/OR Thursdays at 8pm & Saturdays at 10pm, August 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19 $15, $12 stu/seniors, TDF accepted Thursdays only With influences as varied as Ionesco, Schnitzler, and Coward, the three dark comedies (and one live music video) that compose And/or chronicle the heart-shattering decisions we must make that seem - and sometimes are - life or death. Written by Stan Richardson; Directed by Ben Rimalower. [ D ] HENRY HILL & KELLY BARTNIK Believe the Hype Friday & Saturday, August 4 & 5 at 8pm; $15, $12 students/seniors In an evening of new solos & group works, Bartnik & Hill continue their long-standing relationship as friends & collaborators as they take the stage to present multidisci¬plinary work that explores life, love & everything in between. [ T ] PETER NEOFOTIS Concord, Virginia Monday, August 7 at 8pm; $15, $12 students/seniors, TDF accepted In 3 short works about Concord, VA, Neofotis explores the modern decay of the local community & examines whether the law is able to hold nature & society together. [ T, M ] BIANCA LEIGH Chick with a D**k Wednesday, August 9 at 8pm; $15, $12 students/seniors, TDF accepted Singer/actress Leigh utilizes song, historical text & her own experiences in this show that posits transgendered individuals as the courte¬sans of our time. [ T ] GREG WALLOCH w/ ALLISON CASTILLO & OPHIRA EISENBERG Bad Girls Thursday, August 10 at 10pm; $15, $12 students/seniors, TDF accepted Writer and performing artist Greg Walloch, a Dixon Place veteran, is joined by Allison Castillo and Ophira Eisenberg as the threesome dish the dirt of their lives! [ M, T ] BRANDON OLSON A Catwalk Thought Friday, August 11 at 8pm; $15, $12 students/seniors Olson's fashion fantasia of memory & loss with music & movement; co-starring Sophia Lamar, Flawless Sabrina, Johnny McGovern & Cat Ventura. [ M, T] ROBERT APPLETON & LANCE CRUCE RanchHands Are People Too Friday, August 11 at 10pm; $15, $12 students/seniors A loving tribute to the lovely lesbians of the Southwest. A razzmatazz musical salute to Broadway Queens & the genius of Jeffrey Dahmer [ T ] SUSANA COOK The Idiot King Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays, August 16, 18, 19, 23, 25, 26 & Thursday, August 24 at 8pm $15, $12 students/seniors, TDF accepted Wednesdays & Thursday only The Tragedy of Greediness in the name of God... everything you want to know about the sanctity of Marriage and how it can lead to war. Written and directed by Susana Cook, original score: Julian Mesri, featuring Consuelo Arias, Lucy Mackinnon, Anni Amberg, Soraya Odishoo, Karen Jaime, Julian Mesri, Jennifer Fomore, Amanda Salane, Jose Garcia Armenter & Susana Cook.

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