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Dixon Place presents its 19th annual HOT! Festival of queer culture and performance. Julie Halston, Sweetie, Steve Hayes, David Ilku, Jody Lennon, Bradford Scobie, Clark Beasley, Greg Wallach, and Jay Rogers will perform in the benefit event, Tweed Fractured Classicks presents Pic-Up (June 29 and 30), an homage to William Inge's Picnic. The band Washboard Jungle (Henry Hample, Stuart Vance, McPaul Smith and Bob Goldberg), will also perform a benefit on July 1, featuring a set by Lee Feldman of his short opera Starboy. Mondo Cane commissions will include Dynasty Handbag's VERTititGO (July 2-24) and Scotty Heron/Hijack Dance's Smithsoniansmith (July 29-August 7). Additional highlights will include Michael Lynch's solo Living on the Real (July 14), Shelly Mars directing writer/performer Kim Katzberg's Penetrating the Space (July 31), Chay Yew directing Deen's Draw the Circle (August 2), Holly Hughes' new solo The Dog and Pony Show (Bring Your Own Pony), directed by Dan Hurlin (August 3 and 4), writer/performer D'Lo's A One D'Lo Show (August 3), and Reno's Money Talks (August 7). Marti Gould Cummings will host an open mic event, June 28 and July 26. Additional performers during the festival will include Robert Appleton, Susana Cook, Frank Decaro, Dave End, Ariel Federow, Heather Gold, Ryan Green, Annie Lanzillotto, Glenn Marla, Brandon Olson, Xavier Rice, Robert Richards, Jeep Ries, Lea Robinson, Mark Sam Rosenthal, Laura Berlin Stinger, Adam Tendler, Thain Torres, Gerry Visco, Elizabeth Whitney, and World Famous Bob.

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