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Gloria is Maria Hassabi's fourth evening-length piece; in creating it, she has worked with several of her longtime collaborators, dancers Hristoula Harakas and David Adamo, fashion designers ThreeAsFour, musician Jody Elf, dramaturge Marcos Rosales, lighting designer Joe Levasseur, and visual artist Scott Lyall. Gloria is composed through the layering of three individual solos. Each solo was developed separately and then joined together. As a result, they inhabit a space of quiet stillness and isolation in which the body is viewed as sculpture, dead and alive at the same time. Moving between one iconic posture and another, the dancers invoke a set of fleeting images within their abstract, mobile diagram. Gloria's rhythm stretches time across an optical field of perception, allowing each audience member to recall their own references and fantasies. Gloria is presented as part of Coil 2008.

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