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The Bohican Theatre Company in association with The Kiva Company presents the world premiere of Garroting, a new play by Ashlin Halfnight, directed by Javier Gonzalez. A cross between a Gothic detective story and Waiting for Godot, Garroting is a haunting tale, told in the quiet void after a great tragedy. Set in the Ukraine two years after the meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, the play tells the story of the people who remain in a deserted government outpost among the poisoned landscape where the water remains undrinkable and the trees, berries, and fish will remain inedible for decades. Meet Samcha, a broken man who spends his days counting the dead; Fex, his pompous supervisor, bent on efficiently processing as many "healthy" bodies as possible; and Aveeglas, the lonely young scientist who will assist on the project. Garroting recounts the disastrous chain of events set into motion when Gregor, driven mad by the disappearance of his wife and tormented by letters written in a language he cannot read, arrives at the camp searching for the truth.

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