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In 16 days even the most intrepid theatergoer can only sample a small fraction of the nearly 200 offerings at the New York International Fringe Festival. Now in its second year, the FringeNYC Encore Series gives theatre lovers a second chance at seeing some of the Festival's favorite shows. AT THE BLEECKER STREET THEATER: As Far As We Know unCommon Cause Writer: Created by The Torture Project Ensemble in collaboration with Christina Gorman / Director: Laurie Sales. A gripping and gritty ensemble performance chronicles the struggles of an Ohio family tortured by the absence of their son, a soldier abducted during an ambush on a Halliburton transport in Iraq. Inspired by the April 2004 capture of SSG Matt Maupin. 2h. Thur 9/6 @ 7pm; Sat 9/8 @ 11pm; Sun 9/9 @ 4:45pm; Mon 9/10 @ 9:30pm. A Beautiful Child The Courthouse Theater Company and Michael Howard Studios Writer: Truman Capote / Director: Linda Powell. Manhattan, 1955: Truman Capote and Marilyn Monroe attended the funeral of Constance Collier, Marilyn's acting coach. Afterward, they wandered the city, and shared secrets and a bottle of champagne. Capote presents a vivid snapshot of the Marilyn only he knew. 50m. Tues 9/4 @ 9:30pm; Wed 9/5 @ 7pm; Fri 9/7 @ 7pm; Sat 9/8 @ 9:30pm; Tues 9/11 at 7pm; Fri 9/14 @ 9:30pm; Sat 9/15 @ 3pm; Sun 9/16 @ 9:30pm. ...Double Vision Don't Say Miami and Joshua P. Weiss Writer: Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich / Director: Ari Laura Kreith Love hurts. Running from it can leave you half-crazy and riding the subway nude. Six singles navigate the tricky waters of urban, modern relationships in this quirky tale of love on the lam. A dark romantic comedy. Note: Contains nudity, no one under 18 admitted. 2h. Sat 9/8 @ 2:30pm; Sun 9/9 @ 9:15pm; Wed 9/12 @ 9:30pm; Thur 9/13 @ 7pm; Sat 9/15 @ 5pm; Sun 9/16 @ 7pm. Hillary Angonistes Playwrights' Arena in Association with Frantic Redhead Productions Writer: Nick Salamone / Director: Jon Lawrence Rivera. Spring 2009. Hillary in the White House. 65 million people disappear. Is the Rapture upon us? Pat Robertson, Stephen Hawking, Chelsea and the Antichrist weigh in. Can Madame President avert Armageddon? Starring Priscilla Barnes (TV's Threes Company) as Mrs. Clinton. 1h 35m. Fri 9/7 @ 9:30pm; Sat 9/8 @ 5pm; Sun 9/9 @ 7:30pm; Mon 9/10 @ 7pm; Wed 9/12 @ 7pm; Thur 9/13 @ 9:30pm; Fri 9/14 @ 7pm; Sat 9/15 @ 9pm; Sun 9/16 @ 3pm. I Dig Doug Writer: Karen DiConcetto/Rochelle Zimmerman / Director: Bert V. Royal Two NYC teenagers obsessed with pop culture discover that the presidential election is the ultimate reality television. It's a madcap crash course in politics, fashion, gun control, animal cruelty, grand theft auto, and the art of seduction. 1hr 5min TH 8/30 - 9pm; FR 8/31 - 7pm; SA 9/1 - 9pm; SU 9/2 - 8:30pm; FR 9/7 - 11pm; SA 9/15 - 7:30pm; SU 9/16 - 5:30pm Lights Rise On Grace 61 Academy in Association with Partial Comfort Productions Writer: Chad Beckim / Director: Robert O'Hara Grace falls for Large. Riece falls for Large. Large... falls. First love. Lost love. New love. Tough love. "Lights Rise On Grace" follows three desperate New Yorkers as they defy tradition, uncover and recover secrets. 1h. Thur 8/30 @ 7pm; Fri 8/31 @ 9pm; Sat 9/1 @ 7pm; Sun 9/2 @ 5pm; Mon 9/3 @ 7pm; Thur9/6 @ 9:30pm; Sat 9/8 @ 7:30pm; Sun 9/9 @ 3pm. Mary Brigit Poppleton is Writing a Memoir Madeline Walter in Association with The Strollers Writer: Madeline Walter Fake babies, Catholic chaos, and escaping Long Island in a rowboat: this and more when virginal teen Mary Brigit Poppleton fakes her own pregnancy. Why? Because she's writing a memoir, and who wants to read about a happy childhood? 2h. Mon 9/3 @ 9pm; Tues 9/4 @ 7pm; Wed 9/5 @ 9pm; Tues 9/11 @ 9:30pm. AT SOHO PLAYHOUSE: Bombs In Your Mouth bipolar and wej productions Writer: Corey Patrick / Director: Joseph Ward Chug beer, eat Jello, arm wrestle. Do whatever it takes not to talk about the memory of your deadbeat dad in this comedy by Corey Patrick. bipolar teams up with wej productions for its third stint at FringeNYC. 1h 15m. Tues9/4 @ 9pm; Thur 9/6 @ 7pm; Tues 9/11 @ 7pm; Sat 9/15 @ 7pm; Sun 9/16 @ 5pm. Jamaica, Farewell Meadowbrook Entertainment Writer: Debra Ehrhardt / Director: Monique Lai. Jamaica. Revolution. Visa. Impossible. CIA. Seduction. Desperation. A dream. Heartbreak. Handsome. American. Customs. Million dollars. Duffel bag. Machetes. Goats. Prostitutes. Bullets. Adrenaline. Kerosene. Run for your life. A true story. 1h 30m. Fri 9/7 @ 7pm; Sat 9/8 @ 10pm; Sun 9/9 @ 3pm; Mon 9/10 @ 9:30pm; Wed 9/12 @ 7pm; Fri 9/14 @ 9:30pm; Sat 9/15 @ 9pm; Sun 9/16 @ 7pm. Naked in a Fishbowl Dragonchase Productions Writer: Katharine Heller, Brenna Palughi, Lynne Rosenberg, Lauren Seikaly / Director: Hugh Sinclair. Unscripted, uninhibited, and wildly entertaining, this unique improv-comedy eavesdrops on the lives of four friends in NYC. Witness original performances full of raw humor and startling honesty. Unlike anything else on the New York City stage. 1h. Sun 9/9 @ 8pm; Sun 9/16 @ 3pm. Paper Son Let It Ride Productions Writer: Byron Yee "Ragingly Funny, Riveting. Hilarious and Irreverent, Yet Deeply Touching." - Variety. "Artfully Constructed, Poignant and Funny" - SF Examiner. WINNER - Best of SF Fringe. I grew up in Oklahoma. Moved to California. Became a comedian. THEN discovered I was Chinese. Who knew? 1h 30m. Thur 8/30 @ 7pm; Fri 8/31 9:30pm; Sat 9/1 @ 2:30pm; Sun 9/2 @ 2:30pm; Tue 9/4 @ 7pm; WE 9/5 @ 9:30pm; Fri 9/7 @ 9pm; Sat 9/8 @ 8pm; Sun 9/9 @ 5:30pm. Piaf: Love Conquers All LVR Productions Writer: Roger Peace / Director: Naomi Emmerson For those who have loved, suffered and survived. Come share a cocktail with a French legend as she shares her passion for music, men and morphine! "Top Ten of the 2005 Toronto Fringe". Experience the power of 'chansons' and l'amour! 2h 5m. Thur 8/30 @ 9:30pm; Fri 8/31 @ 7pm; Sat 9/1 @ 8pm; Sun 9/2 @ 4:30pm; Mon 9/3 @ 9:30pm; Wed 9/5 @ 7pm; Sat 9/8 @ 5pm. Riding the Bull Flux Theatre Ensemble Writer: August Schulenburg / Director: Kelly O'Donnell A love affair between a devout rodeo clown and a hellraising rancher leads to Graceland, prophetic sex, and cows that rise from the dead in what called "a charming and unconventional look at the nature and definition of belief." 1h 50m. Sun 9/2 @ 7pm; Mon 9/3 @ 7pm; Fri 9/7 @ 11pm; Sat 9/8 @ 2:30pm; Mon 9/10 @ 7pm; Tues 9/11 @ 9pm; Wed 9/12 @ 9:30pm; Sat 9/15 @ 5pm; Sun 9/16 @ 9pm.

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