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Audax Theatre Group presents Frankie, a new, dark comedy by Daniel Roberts, directed by Alex Lippard. Frankie tells the story of the title character, a soft-brained, overweight man-boy with limited ambitions beyond playing video games and eating Skittles. While working at a dead-end job at Superfeast, New Jersey's largest grocery store, he is drawn in to a dangerous and deadly plan to blow up the store. Frankie's boss, Mr. Angelini, is a self-styled genius who is disgusted with the US Government. With the help of Frankie's beautiful but haunted co-worker Virginia, Mr. Angelini promises the young man a night of unconditional pleasure and a place in paradise if only he'll strap twenty-two pounds of explosives to his torso and fulfill Mr. Angelini's dream of blowing up Superfeast.

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